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We believe in coaching the dancer as well as the dance. Our routines are always challenging to the performer and entertaining to the public. Beyond music selection and choreography, Thunderbird is about creating young people with a strong sense of self-worth, a desire to work for and with a team, and most of all, a continuing love of dance.

It's The Thunderbird Way!

Summer Dates 2019

Pacific University

June 29-July 2

July 5-8

July 10-13


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Here Is What Coaches Have To Say About Thunderbird Dance Camp!

Lisa Stellmon - Century High School

What brings you back to Thunderbird each year? The camp staff is fabulous, knowledgeable and completely focused on the campers' experience. Dancers get to spend the week learning from experienced dancers who want to share their love of the sport with others.

Share a great Thunderbird moment.: 2012 we broke boards at camp and I have never seen so much support and so many tears from a new team, really bonding and connecting with each other over the experience.

Hillary McClintick - Sheldon Colleens

What brings you back to Thunderbird each year? Staff, Integrity of the camp, Routines/choreography/variety

Share a great Thunderbird moment.: They happen yearly! My favorite is watching the showcase performances; I'm always blown away by some of my dancers. Thunderbird does a great job at bringing out the best in my athletes!

Karalee Kyllo has coached at Canby, Molalla and Gladstone High Schools

What brings you back to Thunderbird each year: I've been coming to Thunderbird Dance Camp since I was in high school on dance team because of the variety of dance styles and talented instructors!! I love the amount of routines taught in such a short time... Really helps push each dancer to the next level!! Not to mention how much fun the AWESOME Character dances are!!!

Share a great Thunderbird moment.: I remember my freshman year in high school, being scared going to my first class at Thunderbird the first day of camp. Waiting on the grass outside of U of P and here comes a really cool looking instructor that looks EXACTLY like Paula Abdoul ..... Carrying a bright yellow stereo to class. All of my team mates were mad at me because I had her for my class and they DIDN'T!! She was my fav instructor all four years.... BJ Cerny!!!  Simply the best!!  I also loved the 25 year anniversary--- seeing past instructors make appearances and being able to be a part of the celebration!

Sarah Nugent has coached at Kodiak High School in Kodiak, Alaska

What brings you back to Thunderbird each year: Our team has been coming to Thunderbird Dance Camp for over 20 years! What keeps us coming back year after year is the amazing instructors and staff!! We couldn't be happier with the variety of classes offered and the the cutting edge choreography we get each year.

Share a great Thunderbird moment.: One of the most memorable moments we have had as a team at Thunderbird was a team building session where we did the board break! We just loved it!